Makerspace Technology

Makerspace: People gathering to create, invent, and learn.

We currently offer a range of tools and technology for coding, electrical circuitry, digital design, and 3D modeling. Learn more about our makerspace programs and look for makerspace events at a library near you.


LEGO Mindstorm & LEGO WeDo
These kits contain the software and hardware needed to create customizable, programmable robots out of legos! Sensors, motors, and a programmable computer brick allow you to combine coding with engineering and innovation.
This powerful tiny robot provides a great introduction to simple code languages and deductive reasoning. Use markers to color-code a path on white paper, and the robot will read and follow your instructions.
Program this spherical robot using a set of predefined macros or a BASIC-based coding language.

Electrical Circuits

Makey Makey
This fun tool works through opening and closing circuits with conductive objects you connect to it. Use bananas to play the piano, pencil drawings to make a game controller, or cups of water to explore soundscapes.
Snap Circuits
Learning electronics is easy and fun! Follow colorful pictures to build exciting projects like FM radios, digital voice recorders, burglar alarms, and more.
Little Bits
These easy-to-use electronic building blocks empower you to invent anything, from your own remote-controlled car to a cardboard guitar.
Create interactive objects or environments with this open-source prototyping platform that combines electronics and programming. Easy for beginners to learn, but flexible enough for advanced users to create and innovate.
Raspberry Pi
These single-board computers are the size of a credit card and can be used in electronics projects and for many of the things that your desktop PC does. Originally designed for teaching basic computing, this versatile technology is best for intermediate and advanced users.

Digital Design & Modeling

Translate 2D vector designs onto spherical or egg-shaped objects with this compact, easy-to-use art robot.
3D Design & Printing
Learn how to make a three-dimensional computer animated design (CAD), and turn those designs into a real object with one of our 3D printers!
Photoshop / Gimp 
Edit images, make high-quality graphics, or use our green screen to create out-of-this-world graphics or designs.

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Makerspace Technology