Feeling sad? Anxious? Stressed? Call Washington Listens!

Over the summer, the Washington State Health Care Authority launched Washington Listens, a free and anonymous support program and phone line to help people manage elevated levels of stress due to the pandemic.

What is Washington Listens?

Washington Listens provides non-clinical support to people who feel sad, anxious, or stressed due to COVID-19. Washington listens is free and anonymous.

How does Washington Listens work?

Call 1-833-681-0211 to be connected to a live support specialist. Washington Listens is staffed Monday - Friday from 9AM - 9PM and on weekends from 9AM - 6PM.

The support specialist will listen and connect you to community resources in your area. The program is anonymous and no identifying information is maintained.

What kind of training do support specialists have?

Support specialists receive the basic training needed to provide support to individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is language assistance available?

Yes, language assistance services are available free of charge. Call the WA Listens line at 1-833-681-0211 to make your accommodation request.

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