Dale Chihuly Art Project

Check out this fun art project inspired by the work of glass-artist Dale Chihuly!

Many of our librarians incorporate fun crafts into their regular storytime programs. These hands-on activities are fun for kids - and help them learn and grow at the same time!

Interested in making "glass bowls" at home with your kids? Here's how:

  1. Have kids use markers to color coffee filters.
  2. Help kids drape the filters over paper cups.
  3. Spray the filters with spray starch to help the colors run together and firm up into a bowl shape.
  4. Wait as patiently as you can until the "glass bowls" have dried!

Librarians, kids, and parents at our Wenatchee Public Library had a great time doing this craft after a storytime program last week. We hope you have just as much fun when you visit your nearest library for their next storytime or craft!