DIY STEM Projects

Our STEM Librarian Buffy inspires people of all ages with her fun science, technology and engineering projects. While our libraries are closed, she will be sharing ideas for projects you can do at home!

Lunch Bag Explosion

Vinegar, Baking Soda, and Acid Based Reactions, Oh My!

This experiment uses vinegar and baking soda to cause an Acid-base reaction inside of a plastic bag. When sealed the gas fills the bag until it explodes!

Turn this activity into a true experiment and change some of the variables such as temperature of liquid, quantity of baking soda, and size of bag.

Click here to view the full instructions

Lego Tower Challenge

This engineering build uses basic building bricks centered around a specific challenge theme. What is a challenge theme, you,might ask? A set of building criteria or parameters that encourage you to create your build.

This week’s build criteria:

  1. Random bricks
  2. Use all bricks
  3. Build the tallest tower
  4. Time limit
  5. Build individually, race against a friend, or build as a team


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