Kids Love Books!!

Kids Love Books!

Angela Morris - Thursday, September 01, 2011

Welcome to the KIDS LOVE BOOKS!  blog!  My name is Angela Morris and I am the Children's Services Manager for North Central Regional Library.  I hope to keep everyone up to date on the newest books for kids and also offer reminders for those great classics and hidden gems.  One of the early literacy skills that our branch librarians promote to parents and kids is "Book Appreciation".  I think this is the most important of the early literacy skills because it means that we are working hard to make sure that reading is fun for kids.  We want kids to laugh, ask all kinds of questions and really become engaged when we read to them.  If we want kids to love reading time we have to provide wonderful books - and we've got them at your local public library. 

One author that seems to hit a home run with every picture book he writes is Mo Willems.  He is a former writer and animator for Sesame Street and if you aren’t familiar with his books, they are often funny on several different levels - so both you and your child will laugh.  One of his best series is the Elephant and Piggie books:  I Broke My Trunk!, We Are In a Book!, and Can I Play too? (this one involves a bit of black humor - Elephant and Piggie's friend Snake wants to play catch with them and they have to get very creative to find a solution for the fact that he has no arms or hands).  The newest book out is Should I Share My Ice Cream which is a dilemma we have all experienced! 


Mo Willems also wrote the series about Knuffle Bunny - a worn, rather shabby, but well-loved stuffed bunny.  We can all relate to the experience of loving a toy so much that they cease to be inanimate objects; instead they are objects of love.


Mo Willems won the Theodor Seuss Geisel award for the Elelphant and Piggie books in 2008 and 2009 and three of his books have won Caldecott honors.  You can find out more about Mo Willems at his website at and to find his books go to your local public library or request books from the NCRL catalog at

I would love to get your comments on great books for kids - what are your favorites?  what are your kids reading right now?  We all want our kids to excel at reading and the best way to do that is to find that perfect book for them, so let's talk!
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